Harmonica with The Treblemakers – Senior’s Choir

Every once and a while something really cool happens and you connect with other musical people who spark inspiration, and that’s what happened in the last few weeks. A musician friend from shinny recommended me for a harmonica gig with a senior’s choir. So the gig involves playing harmonica parts for Billy Joel’s “Piano Man”. Cool? Ya, I thoroughly enjoyed working on the tune in first position (Song is in C and I play it on a C diatonic harmonica – what we call first position).

Penelope Dale and her husband Rich (piano) are very much involved with this choir and The Treblemakers sound pretty good and they loved my contribution for rehearsal. So I have that coming up this tues. morning (listed on my gigs) and I thought this may be of interest to some of you seniors who want to get out there and sing sometime in the future?

Here’s Penelope’s Publicity Info:



The Treblemakers is a non-auditioned chorus for singers aged 45+ whose members share their love of singing at weekly rehearsals.  Founded in 2008 by Penelope Dale, the group performs a wide range of repertoire, with selections taken from classical, folk, contemporary, and world music.  An informal concert is held at the end of each term, with an audience comprised of a full house of family and friends.


If you love singing and would like to join a group whose primary focus is to create a joyful community of passionate music-makers, then please contact Penelope Dale for more information, and to schedule a placement audition.


E-mail: penelope.dale11@gmail.com


Telephone: (416) 460-7954

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