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Blues Magazine | Review: Mark Bird Stafford – Live At the Delta

Wow and Wow again! What an incredibly tasty plate of Mark Bird Stafford! Howling, searing and intense blues harp, recorded live in 2012 at the Chelsea Hotel in Toronto, Canada. I already know what the next month uninterrupted CD is in my player. I’m a big fan of harp blues, the ‘old’ blues harmonica songs by Sonny Boy Williamson (first and second) to the more recent work by other Cuban Heels.Nou I’m not a big expert, but over the years I’ve already heard so much blues harp that there is little left to surprise me. I thought. Until I At the Delta of Mark Bird Stafford in my player shoved Live. What a phrasing, timing, power and emotion to hear on a plate! Eleven songs, all covers, but Stafford gives it a wonderful own twist, assisted by Aaron Griggs and Fabio Parovel on guitar, Tyler Burgess on drums and Dennis Pinhorn on bass. Mark Bird Stafford is a key figure in the Canadian blues scene and has performed solo and with the Rectifiers and Sly Dogs several records released. On Live At the Delta, he brings a tribute to various kings of the blues harp and blues as Sonny Boy Williamson, Little Walter, Slim Harpo and Willie Dixon. Pretty Baby Sears plate steaming and smoking open to no longer allow for the continuation of this release. Loose that feeling The howling instrumental Juke Ish, the dark Mellow Down Easy that can erupt anytime in a allesverschroeiend harp and also does at times, the languid I Found Joy, the sharp I Do not Know and Can not Hold Out Much, the forward steamy Up the Line …… every song on the album is infused with fire, emotion and beautiful phrasing on bluesharp Mark Bird Stafford. But the rest of the band plays tight as a clock just excited. The player pop and let the coming weeks on repeat. What a record! I have only one criticism. Only 11 numbers?Too bad, because it definitely tastes like more! Purchase. Blindly!

Patrick Struijker Boudier
Blues Magazine

I’ve have your new CD – Live at the Delta – and will use some tracks from it in my radioshow – Bluestimen (The Blueshour). Especially “Juke-ish” I will use as theme-tune for the show until june 2014

Boje Nielsen – Bluestimen
Ronde, Denmark

A serious student of “fat tone” harmonica, he subscribes to the teachings of the masters: Sonny Boy Williamson, Little Walter Jacobs, Big Walter Horton, Junior Wells and James Cotton…

Eric Thom

Live At The Delta CD:
The musicianship, production and attitude really adds “weight” to the already great feel!

Peter Holmstedt – Promoter